Mac's Museum

Many people in Southeastern Montana grew up hunting for arrowheads, but no one can rival the collection of Mac McCurdy! Mac’s Museum on our grounds hosts an incredible collection of over 1,700 arrowheads from nearly every state, each cataloged and arranged by region into a fascinating and eye-catching display.

Projectile points, as they are officially classified, make up an important part of the archaeological record. The type, style and tool marks can all help archaeologists date the origin and period of use and these identifications have provided insight into early American trade. They commonly consist of flint, obsidian, or chert, but some digs have also uncovered points of bone and wood; and analysis has even shown traces of the blood, hair and flesh of the prey that was hunted.

Visitors come away in disbelief that a small-town museum could have such a unique collection.

"The stories that are told there and the things that are shown offer an interesting view of life in rural America as it used to be."

- HDB, Belgium